About Our Community

The St. John’s community strives to live into Christ’s calling that we lift up God’s unending love and loyalty for each one of us, no matter what. When we say, All Are Welcome, we mean it.

We are engaged in a variety of efforts to care for one another and to speak prophetically to the wider community. We strive to be a beacon of justice and are well known for our advocacy, activism and fundraising for issues such as equal marriage, racial equality, refugee sanctuary, environmental justice and support for disasters through the Episcopal Relief Fund.

As a community in Christ, we do many things to care for one another.  Our rector is available to meet with new parishioners to help provide an orientation to the community. St. John's ministry also includes pastoral counseling, especially in times of crisis, and counseling for the rite of baptism and for weddings.

We welcome the wider community onto our campus for fellowship and participation in a variety of functions and activities. It is through this outreach and our commitment to social justice that we outwardly express our faith and represent Christ to others. 

If you have ideas on how to further this mission of our church or if you are in need, please contact us.

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our commitments

Our community has three teams, the Spiritual Life Team, Community Life Team and Resource Management Team. These, and all our parishioners uphold our several commitments.

parish leadership

Our Rector works very closely with the Vestry (elected lay leadership of the parish), Three Parish Teams, staff, and other members of the community to help our community flourish.



St. John’s church and its parishioners are woven into the historic fabric of the City of Boston, the community of Jamaica Plain, and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.

Let all who enter here be received as Christ.