You can make a difference. 

Episcopal parishes are self-supporting. In fact, each Episcopal parish pays an assessment to the diocese to maintain its mission work in this State and in the world.

That means the money we spend, from paying our clergy and staff, to turning on the lights and the heat, to repairing the roof and cleaning the building, to purchasing candles and hymnals for the sanctuary, and supplies for the Sunday School, and the list goes on – what we the community spend, we the community must raise.

Some parishes have large endowments that provide them with investment income, but that is not the case at St. John’s. We are almost entirely dependent upon the generosity and commitment of each member of our community — each week, each month, each year.

This is both good and challenging news. The good news is that we know that our life is dependent upon each other, on our teamwork. We know that we can count on each other to pitch in what we can, and that what we contribute sustains the life of our community together. The challenge is that it means we must each and all evaluate our commitment to St. John’s and its work in our community and in our world, and decide how much we can give to that commitment. It means that we must embrace St. John’s with a sense of gratitude and responsibility.

St. John’s survives because everyone contributes. This personal giving is a spiritual discipline that is among the most profound gifts offered by a community of faith.


Please prayerfully embrace this opportunity to be an active pillar of our community by giving generously to the St. John’s Operating Fund. 

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Please contact our parish leadership for more information on how you can give to the life and work of St. Johns.

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