Busy Weekend at St. John's!

Our community has quite the busy weekend coming up! 

Join us Friday for First Friday Family Night with a special focus this month on keeping Advent in our homes and preparing for our Family Christmas Eve service.

We have two busy weekends in a row coming up at our Annual Christmas Tree Sale at Loring Greenough House – December 2nd & 3rd and December 9th & 10th.  Right now there are not enough people signed up to run the sale.  We are asking ALL able-bodied parishioners to sign-up for at least one shift (if not two or more – as some do). 

The day is divided into (3) shifts:
8:30A - 12:30P.  Set-up & Morning Sales.  There is a good deal of heavy lifting required for the set-up portion.
12:00P - 4:00P.  Midday Sales.  This shift is good for multiple abilities with less lifting.
3:30P – 6:30P.  Late-day Sales and Closing.  Some heavier lifting at the end to put away trees.

Please volunteer for a shift – there is no one waiting in the wings to cover for you if you don’t act. Please Call or Text Andrew Schieffelin at 617-524-6933 or Email Andrew: andrew.schieffelin@gmail.com or Liz:  to sign up.

Saturday night, we have our super fun Annual Silent Auction! Bring your favorite people! Enjoy dinner, drinks, childcare and wonderful company while you buy some great gifts for the holidays!

Sunday we have our First Sunday Family Service and celebrate the First Sunday of Advent and start of a new church year! 

Phew! We hope to see you there!


Good times at our Christmas Tree Sale Kickoff!

Good times at our Christmas Tree Sale Kickoff!