Social Justice and Spirituality Library Launch

The Social Justice Working Group and Spiritual Life Committee have created a Social Justice and Spirituality Lending Library, located in the book shelf at the back of the sanctuary.  Folks are invited to borrow books on racism and white privilege, income equality and poverty, equity and climate change, faith and spirituality.

You can view our full Online Book Catalog with just a click but to highlight a sample of the stimulating books available:

Between the World and MeA memoir and Pulitzer Prize finalist, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is described by the New York Observer as “the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States.”

In the Company of the Poor:  Conversations with Dr Paul Farmer and Fr Gustavo Gutierrez.  Dr. Farmer is award-winning Harvard professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, author of many books on high-quality health care in resource-poor settings in the U.S. and other countries.  Rev Gutierrez is a philosopher, theologian, and Dominican priest, professor of Theology at University of Notre Dame, and one of the founders of liberation theology.

Speaking of Faith:  Why Religion Matters—and How to Talk About it, by journalist and winner of the National Humanities Medal Krista Tippett, creator and host of the public radio program On Being.


To borrow a book:

  1. Fill out an orange card with the book title, your name, and date borrowed.

  2. Slip the orange card in the shelf where the book was located. 

  3. When returning a book, return it to its location on the shelf, remove the orange card, and write the date returned.

  4. Return the orange card to the box of cards.

To donate a book, see Ann Collins or Sharlene Cochrane or anyone on the Social Justice Committee.

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