Fake News and Real Values - Sermons Online

We are excited to begin posting select sermons from St. John's online in written and/or audio form.

We begin today by reflecting back on our Rector, Ted's, Christmas Eve sermon.  

Sermon for Christmas Eve 2017
The Rev. Dr. Ted Cole, Jr.
St. John’s, Jamaica Plain

Fake News and Real Values

"Growing up in New York City, Christmas time was always special. There is a reason so many Christmas movies and television shows are set in New York.  When I see one, I feel very privileged that Christmas in New York is part of my childhood memories. I look forward to taking my two boys to New York during this season and sharing it with them when they are older.  But I have the means to share one of my strongest memories with them now, thanks to the wonders of On Demand cable television: the video Yule Log."
Read the full sermon online or listen below.